Stephanie Raven – my story

Stephanie’s Story

Stephanie Raven, national communications manager, has been employed with GB for over six years, progressing through roles that included HR advisor, L&D coordinator and service and capability manager. She currently benefits from our approach to flexible working.

What is your role today?

I am currently employed as the national communications manager.

This position focuses on a number of internal and external communication strategies. The objective of this role is to establish and maintain appropriate and holistic communication frameworks in GB Australia and New Zealand.

What’s unique about GB culture?

It’s a very informal place to work, with a very approachable senior executive team. Although it’s very results focused, and we all take our jobs seriously and work hard to perform well, we’re still encouraged to have a laugh, have a bit of fun, and to celebrate when things go well.

Why is flexibility important to you in the workplace? How has GB supported this?

I returned from maternity leave last year when my son was just seven months old. Flexibility was very important to me then, and it still is.  Fortunately, I have been 100% supported with returning to work, and now work three days in the office and one day from home. I feel really lucky to have such flexibility in my role.

How does GB enable flexible learning and development?

At GB, L&D is very highly valued. Senior management are committed to providing tools which empower staff to take control of their own career. There is a strong ‘promote from within’ culture, and GB’s L&D programs definitely support this culture.

How do you stay in touch with what is happening nationally at GB?

I work with a fantastic team and manager, and we catch up on a regular basis to ensure we’re kept up to date with what’s happening across GB.

What keeps you at GB?

I love the people at GB, I have made a lot of great friends here. I have also been lucky enough to work in a variety of different roles, which have kept me challenged and have helped me develop new skills and gain exposure to different parts of the business.