We passionatley strive for professional excellence... together... as a team

No-one is Better Than Everyone

It’s no coincidence that a high percentage of our employees love team sports. Competition, camaraderie, common goals and passion – there are many common elements between sports teams and our teams at GB.

Building teams from a position of trust that identify and play to individual strengths has been a critical component of our success to date.

Our ethos has always been to pitch in when other teams need help, and we have constantly strived to set new levels of excellence in performance for others to aspire to achieve.

Being a great team member and team leader requires different skills and we’ll help you reach the height of your potential through our robust and extensive personnel development plan.

Could you build, lead or be part of a team of 200 staff mobilising rapidly in three months to run one of the largest state claims scheme?

If this sounds like you please explore our careers section for current opportunities.