Consultancy experts

Consultancy & Audit Services

Gallagher Bassett has many years’ experience in assisting public and private organisations with OHS and HR consulting, as well as an extensive range of auditing services. Our senior management team have a combined total of 70 years’ experience in the provision of audit services in industries around the country. Our team of consultants represent in excess of 120 years’ experience in the provision of specialist audit and associated services.

The areas covered by our team include:

  • Compliance against the Work Health & Safety Act and associated regulation
  • Compliance against the Return To Work Act SA (2014)
  • Compliance against the South Australian WorkCover Code of Conduct for Self Insured Employers: both OH&S and Injury Management Performance Standards and the recently introduced Performance Measurements
  • OHS and Injury Management Systems Audits
  • Hazard Identification and Risk Assessments
  • Worksite & Ergonomic Audits
  • Manual Handling Audits

These audits include a review of the clients’ documentation against legislation and internal systems, reporting on compliance and corrective actions, preparing an action plan to assist in achieving compliance and working with the internal team to achieve continuous improvement. We have provided these services to many organisations over the past 22 years.

Next Steps

GB has an established and transparent process in place to ensure transitioning your business is effective and seamless. To find out more about our services please lodge an enquiry.