Return to Work experts

Return to Work Services

Our range of services is tailored to your business needs and includes:

  • Accredited rehabilitation and RTW coordinators
  • Completion of return to work plans and suitable duties
  • Initial interview with injured worker
  • Initial overview with manager/supervisor
  • Completion and lodgement of necessary claim forms
  • Calculation of entitlement to compensation (i.e. wages)
  • Liaison with treating medical providers and employers’ scheme agent
  • Lodgement and monitoring of reimbursements.

Gallagher Bassett will assume the day-to-day functions associated with managing your staff injuries and illnesses and liaise directly with your scheme agent.

We are also able to provide RTW policies and procedures for accreditation.

Although liability determination rests with the relevant state insurers, Comcare or self insurer, employers can outsource the management of their workers’ compensation functions, including rehabilitation and return to work, to an independent third party claims specialist. The options range from tailored services through to a fully outsourced claims model.

Next Steps

GB has an established and transparent process in place to ensure transitioning your business is effective and seamless. To find out more about our services please contact To find out more about our services please lodge an enquiry.