COVID-19 and your Wellbeing

COVID-19 and your Wellbeing

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  • The Best New Year’s Mental Health Resolutions for 2021: There’s no better self-care than focusing on your mental health. When you have control of your mind and the way you think. In this article, we share tips to help you build better mental health moving into 2021 and far beyond. Set yourself and your employees up for success with these New Year’s mental health resolutions.
  • COVID-19: Anxiety and Depression – How Are They Related? –  With COVID-19 sweeping the world, many of us have found ourselves confined to our homes for days or weeks on end. We can’t go to the office, we can’t gather with friends, and we can’t go out to eat. This isolation is affecting everyone differently, but those with anxiety and depression face additional challenges. Read this article to learn the signs of anxiety and depression to look for during the COVID-19 pandemic, and how you can support your employees.
  • How To Stay Healthy While Working Remotely – When you start working remotely, there are some challenges you have to face. One of them is staying healthy, this can mean anything from regular exercise to positive eating habits, to maintaining contact with the world around you. Follow our guide on staying healthy and more focused when working from home.
  • 6 Tips To Improve Your Mental Wellness While Working From Home – The COVID-19 pandemic has seen much of the workforce suddenly shift to remote working. For those unfamiliar with working from home for an extended period of time, it can disrupt your mental wellness. When removed from the camaraderie of an office, you may additionally feel isolated or lonely. Check out some simple strategies you can implement to support you and your team’s mental health when working from home.


  • Mental Wellness Tips Video – While working from home due to COVID-19 provides many benefits, it is vital to recognise the potential issues and the actions you and your employees can take to create and sustain a mentally healthy environment. Here we provide six tips for mental wellness when working from home.


  • Coping with Stress During the Coronavirus Outbreak – It’s important for employers and employees to recognise the risks associated with stress during crises. Here we outline the steps you and your employees should take to remain calm during these uncertain times.