COVID-19 in your Industry

COVID-19 in your Industry

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  • Who Needs PPE? – Healthcare personnel should adhere to the standard and Transmission-based Precautions when caring for patients with SARS-CoV-2 Infections. Customise this poster to educate your employees on the importance of wearing PPE.
  • Do Your Part to Help Stop the Spread – One way to slow the spread of COVID-19 is social distancing. The more space between you and those around you, the more difficult it is for the virus to spread. Download this poster to remind those around you to maintain social distancing.
  • Pre-Shifting Screening on Coronavirus Symptoms Checklist – A precaution that many organizations should take is to screen employees before every shift to inquire whether they are experiencing coronavirus symptoms. Customise this poster about pre-shift screening for employees.
  • COVID-19 Poster Collection: Visit myGB Poster Designer today to view a range of coronavirus themed posters that you can customise for your workplace.


  • The Impacts of Covid-19 on the Insurance Industry – GB’s Scott Newland speaks about the unprecedented challenges brought by COVID-19. Scott offer’s a perspective onpriorities for organisations and government departments to consider as they navigate the crisis.