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Because Gallagher Bassett recruits, trains and retains the best claims people.

Employers generally do not have the time or specialised knowledge required to effectively manage their claims. Claims management isn’t just GB’s core business; it’s all we do. To become industry leaders in claims we’ve developed recruitment and training programs that produce claims professionals with the capability and passion to deliver better outcomes and customer service.

With offices in Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Sydney and New Zealand, and a team of more than 900 claims management experts, GB provides a unique suite of claims management and consulting services.


shutterstock_221815255We guide our clients

Businesses are constantly challenged by stringent legal requirements. Our team helps clients navigate this legislative thicket to achieve compliance and improve performance. We pride ourselves on our collaborative and consultative approach to managing client relationships, and our team will provide you strategic and technical advice. If claims management is a journey, Gallagher Bassett has the right map and seasoned experts to help you and your staff reach your goals.


We guard their brand and reputation

GB views itself as an extension of our clients’ businesses; we measure our success by your success. In today’s modern age, social networks and media attention can cause a company significant reputational damage if claims are not managed in a responsive and transparent way. GB are claims specialists, allowing us to make thorough, evidence-based claims decisions that help mitigate your risks and reduce the potential for litigation.

We exceed their expectations

shutterstock_1006107672Our innovative, adaptable claims management strategies achieve results. Through our collaborative approach, our clients experience fewer claims, lower claim costs, more efficient claims administration and improved customer experience. Our performance results speak for themselves – we lead the scheme in Victoria and South Australia, and have achieved fantastic results for our general insurance and self insurance clients. GB outperforms other providers because of our specialist claims focus: no other company invests as much in claims management strategies, systems and people as GB does.

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