GB's Injury Management Services

What is GB Injury Management?


With 18 years of experience, Gallagher Bassett’s Injury Management team have a proven history of reducing injury costs and minimising productivity losses for Australian businesses.

Our team offers immediate employer support at the time of reported incident or injury. Applying an intervention-based approach, consultants will get to work immediately to assess risks, barriers, and actions as early in the claims process as possible. As Gallagher Bassett clients, employers can look forward to Injury Management consultants:

  • Controlling risk, protecting assets, and effectively managing people through the Injury Management cycle;
  • Providing leadership conscious of business goals and your balance sheet risks;
  • Providing a line of sight to our strategies, reducing costs and the impact of injuries on your workforce; and
  • Building your workforce capability to better control workplace injuries, recovery, and associated costs.

A comprehensive Injury Management process relies on quick interventions to workplace injuries, cost efficiency, and a culture of communication across the organization. Gallagher Bassett’s skilled professionals can work with your business to identify and resolve barriers at every step of the injury management process to reduce costs, keep employees safe and productive on the job, and expedite their return to work.


  • Robust cost containment strategies to control spending and reduce portfolio liabilities
  • Award winning corporate governance framework to provide peace of mind around business risk, service level agreement adherence and contractual compliance
  • Our commitment to understanding your business and ensuring the delivery of claims management services aligned to your business objectives
  • Best practice customer service initiatives to protect your brand and enhance your reputation
  • Proactive oversight of portfolio performance and trending to assist underwriting modelling.

Learn more about how GB’s Injury Management team can assist you to get the best commercial and human outcomes possible, for your business and for your people.