Return to Work Outsource Solutions for Large Enterprises

Return to Work Services

The GB Assist RTW Service offers our larger clients a mix of both dedicated and flexible resources, to ensure your injury management program and employees always have access to our team, right when they’re needed.

Our approach is to understand your existing risks and practices, the issues causing your business concern and where you seek to make improvement.

We’ll develop a service strategy that targets these factors, identify the resourcing model best suited to your business, aligning to your corporate focus.

The GB Assist RTW Service manages the day to day administration and functions of your workforce’s injury recovery, then engages your leadership in the strategic discussions which improves your program.

Agreed performance measures, supported by a team focussed on outcomes and a strategic reporting framework ensures you know exactly how your program is performing at any given time.

These performance measures not only guide injury outcomes, but bring a change management approach to your program, embedding the improvements in the culture of your workplace.

Recruitment, holidays, sick leave, maintaining technical skills set for a non-core function of your business and all the associated costs no longer affect your business with the GB Assist RTW Service model guaranteed to achieve performance measures.

When you engage GB Assist we act for you, putting on your hat, bringing the best of you and the best of us to deliver this service.

For our larger contracts GB Assist demonstrates this commitment by putting a percentage of the contracted base fee up as a performance based contract. We’ll tie that value to a group of key performance measures and if we don’t meet base line performance in those measures, your organisation will be entitled to a fee rebate. We don’t intended to underperform but demonstrating our commitment to service in real dollars is important for us, and your board.

Benefits to your Organisation