Guideline - Injury Assistance Hotline

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GuideLine Injury Assistance Hotline

GB’s GuideLine telehealth service provides your employees with 24/7 access to triage health professionals to assess, report and provide treatment advice following an injury, illness or incident.

When an injury occurs at your work site, your injured workers can contact our free call hotline, your employee receives immediate medical advice from a qualified allied health professional, and your workplace injuries are accurately recorded, notified and treated.

GuideLine is proven to reduce workers’ compensation claims by providing every possible support to mitigate the impact and expedite recovery when an injury occurs.

Why choose Guideline?

  • Immediate medical advice for your injured workers
  • Delivery of early intervention services including: incident notification, reporting and treatment advice
  • Immediate referral if required to our approved medical provider network of qualified Doctors, Physios etc.
  • Mitigates the severity of injuries to reduce claims duration and costs
  • A meaningful and competitive employee benefit
  • Easy to set up, communicate and launch.

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