Proven Comcare experience

Comcare (Federal)

Under the Comcare scheme, a corporation may be eligible for a self insurance if it conducts business in competition with a federal authority or is a corporation that was previously a federal authority.

The team at Gallagher Bassett have a demonstrated record of successfully implementing and supporting self-insured employers in all states, including Comcare.

We act for large self insurers and assist large employers across all jurisdictions to manage their claims. GB’s self insurance team have an excellent record of long-term partnerships with our clients, and this includes services relating to:

  • Providing claims management, data extract administration and benefit payment
  • Developing documentation relating to all aspects of self insurance program implementation, for example application documentation and tailored claims manuals for regulator endorsement
  • Administrating multiple client claims systems such as SBC IT, Figtree or client specific systems facilitated by our in-house business analysts
  • Our specialist program governance model, which strictly adheres to ISO 31000 and ASNZS 50:50 2010.

Next Steps

GB has an established and transparent process in place to ensure transitioning your business is effective and seamless. To find out more about our services please lodge an enquiry.