GB Employer and Injured Worker CGU Transition

GB Employer and Injured Worker CGU Transition


Welcome to Gallagher Bassett!

It was recently announced that CGU, one of WorkSafe Victoria’s five workers compensation agents would be exiting the Victorian workers compensation scheme from 30 June 2021. WorkSafe has now informed employers and injured workers which of the remaining agents their policies will be transferred to, and the date of their transfer. Gallagher Bassett is delighted to welcome the new employers and injured workers who will become our customers as part of this transition.

If you’re transferring across to GB as an employer or injured worker with an active policy or claim, we will make contact with you within 7 days of the date of your transfer. We will provide you with further information about the transfer, including the best contact details for GB.

To help ensure a smooth transition of policies and claims, we will be working closely with your existing agent, as we’d like to ensure this transfer causes minimal disruption to the management of your claim/s. Please ensure you continue to liaise with your current agent until your transfer date.

We’re busy getting ready for the transfer to ensure our new customers are supported from day one, and that our existing customers are not impacted by the changes. Part of this preparation work includes the recruitment and onboarding of an additional 120 team members to support you, our customers.

On this page you’ll find a range of useful information, including a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), “If You Are Injured” posters, contact details and information on how best to submit correspondence.

We look forward to welcoming you to the GB family!

Injured Workers

Frequently asked questions

If you are an injured worker and have been advised by WorkSafe that your claim is transferring to GB, please view our injured worker FAQ for commonly asked questions and answers regarding the transition.

GB portal 

GB has created a Portal to support injured workers and employers in the Victorian workers compensation team. Through the GB Portal, users can easily access helpful claim information and tools, and upload documents relating to existing claims.

A variety of claims information can be submitted via the online Portal, including certificates of capacity, invoices, reimbursements, and requests for treatment.

Click here for the GB Portal.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you are an employer, and have been advised by WorkSafe that your policy is transferring to GB, please view our employer FAQ for commonly asked questions and answers regarding GB claims processes.

Please click here to view GB’s employer FAQ.

If you are injured posters

Please click here to download your new workplace “if you are injured” posters to distribute and display throughout your workplaces.

How to Contact GB

You can commence sending your claims documents including invoices and medical certificates to GB from the date of your transfer.

Claims documents can be emailed directly to your claims team or by:

  • Uploading documents to the GB Portal . These documents will be directed to the claims team to action.
  • Emailing invoices by email to
  • Faxing documents to +61 3 8623 9715
  • Post to: Locked Bag 3570, GPO Melbourne, VIC 3000

Premium enquires

If you are an employer and have an enquiry regarding your premium you can contact our premium and credit team by:

For all other enquires relating to the transfer of your workers compensation claim or your employer policy please contact GB on:

  • P: +61 3 9297 9000
  • P: 1300 975 609
  • F: +61 3 8623 9701
  • Locked Bag 3570, GPO Melbourne, VIC 3000