Securing WorkCover insurance for your clients is easy with our priority service for brokers and accountants

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Victorian workers’ compensation insurance

Applying for Victorian WorkCover insurance for your clients is easy with our priority service for brokers, accountants and bookkeepers. Just use the links below to receive a certificate of currency within 24 hours, guaranteed.

Take out Victorian WorkCover insurance

Is your client starting a new business and needs to apply for Victorian WorkCover insurance? You can apply online, or using the interactive application form.

To assist us in providing reporting for your practice please ensure you enter your third party ID code on the application form. Don’t have a code? Apply for one here.

Why choose GB as your Victorian workers’ compensation agent?


  • Dedicated point of contact for all policy enquires.
  • 24 hour turnaround for new policy registrations. Premium estimates available on request.
  • Ability to track all applications for your practice. Report of client policies available on request.
  • Provision of Rateable Remuneration Report to ensure your clients avoid financial penalties (employers who fail to lodge their rateable remuneration report are penalised 10% additional premium).
  • Premium Rate Reviews to ensure your clients are classified correctly.


  • Best performing Agent in Victoria for past 5 years.
  • Collaboration and partnership – We work with employers to understand their business, improve workers’ compensation performance and reduce premium.
  • myGB client benefits – Employers will have access to our suite of benefits including training, businesses intelligence, online tools and detailed analysis and reporting.
  • Better health and safety – We work with employers to improve their health and safety and prevent injuries, keeping their workforce safe and reducing costs.