Safe Work Environments

Safe Work Environments

Employers have a legal and professional responsibility to provide employees with safe working conditions.

GB recognises the importance of this and has provided guidelines to assist employers to maintain a safe working environment.

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  • Smartphones at work – This article discusses the risks associated with smartphones in the workplace and the strategies for addressing these risks.
  • Safety training for millennials – In this article, we discuss how you can make your organisation’s WHS training relevant to millennials so your organisation can make safety more accessible.
  • Volunteering and WHS – This article discusses tips to ensure the health and safety of your workforce when volunteering.
  • Health and safety during Halloween – This article provides some helpful tips for ensuring safe working conditions during Halloween.
  • Health and safety during Christmas –  In this article, we’ve outlined the risks associated with the festive season, your responsibilities as an employer, and some tips to help make sure everyone has a Christmas party to remember, for the right reasons.
  • Puppies in the office – In this article, we outline the benefits and risks, as well as some strategies, for ensuring puppy day in the office is a good experience for everyone involved.
  • Liability for an injury during a workplace sport or wellbeing activity – This article provides a short guide to help you, the employer, know when you might be liable for an injury during a wellbeing activity.
  • How Hospitals can Manage and Reduce Occupational Violence – This article discusses occupational violence in the healthcare industry and provides a strategy for violence management and minimisation.

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